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Italy: national representatives to the ECML

Contact for the European Day of Languages (EDL)

The function of a national EDL Relay is to act as a multiplier for organisations, schools and associations, circulating: information communicated by the Council of Europe (for example the press release of the Council on the Day, which the Relays are invited to translate into national/local languages, updates on the website); promotional materials - posters, stickers etc. provided by the Council of Europe every year in significant quantities for event organisers.

Italy Italy - EDL National Relay

Ms Barbara Borsi
Europe Direct - Eurodesk Trieste- Comune di Trieste
via della Procureria 2/a
IT- 34121 Trieste
+39 040 675 41 40/ 41
+39 040 675 41 42

Contact for the European Language Portfolio

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Council of Europe Office

Council of Europe Programme Office