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Sign languages and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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About the CEFR

Assessment of signed language proficiency

The development of assessments to evaluate language learners’ proficiency is the consequence of the teaching and learning of any given signed or spoken second/foreign language. Language tests are a form of assessment. Language tests can follow different procedures, such as different test formats. These include self-assessment tests, checklists, observations or highly standardized language tests. We understand the concept of assessment also as a pedagogic tool; for example assessment can mean providing feedback on an in-class assignment for language learners or feedback on an assignment language learners had to complete at home. In summary, we conceptualize assessment in a broader sense to support the learners’ language learning process.

In this section we will provide different examples and resources related to sign language testing and assessment, both in a formative and summative framework of assessment which can support test developers, sign language teachers and other professionals involved in sign language teaching and assessment.