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Young children’s language learning pathways
Making early language learning visible

The project aims to make early language learning in educational contexts visible through a range of methods and tools. These make it possible to identify, understand and document language learning of children age 3 to 12 and thereby create learning opportunities allowing them to progress along their language learning pathways.

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Council of Europe resources

Inspiring language learning in the early years - Why it matters and what it looks like for children age 3-12

This website helps teachers and other educators to prepare young children to successfully engage in a culturally and linguistically diverse world. It provides resources and strategies which take existing linguistic repertoires into account in order to further develop the linguistic and intercultural competences of both learners and educators.

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European portfolio for pre-primary educators (PEPELINO)

PEPELINO is a portfolio aimed at students embarking on initial training to become pre-primary educators and persons working with children under the age of 7 who wish to improve their training.
It is a tool for personal reflection on professional competences, focusing on the plurilingual and intercultural dimension of work with pre-primary children.

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Collaborative community approach to migrant education - A virtual open course for educators

The resources offer innovative ways to enhance young migrants' education by developing links between schools, the home and local partners in education. This educational joint venture develops the learners' skills in the language of schooling as well their plurilingual competences.

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