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    Initiative: Transversal competences in foreign language education

Transversal competences in foreign language education

In many education systems, the development of learners’ transversal competences has become an important focus of policy. Working on learners’ ‘transversal competences’ means developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in areas such as global citizenship, education for sustainable development and media education, and also their intrapersonal and interpersonal ‘21st century skills’, which include co-operation, teamwork, critical thinking, and digital literacy etc.

Upcoming events


Feb 2022

Think tank: ‘Developing transversal competences through foreign language education’

Target groups

  • Language teachers, especially those who also have a multiplier and/or mentoring role
  • Teacher educators working in initial teacher education, and those responsible for running in service professional development courses and events
  • People involved in designing or reforming foreign language curricula.

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