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    Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches
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Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches
Training and reflection tools for teachers and teacher educators

The project will develop scenarios for teacher education based on the identification of the teaching competences required to implement pluralistic approaches. These training tools will help language and other subject teachers to implement approaches aimed at developing learners' competences as described in "A Framework of reference for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures (FREPA)".

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How to get involved?

Individuals with a special interest and professional background in the topic of this particular project are invited to take up contact with the ECML National Nominating Authority in their country so that they can be considered for participation in the corresponding project workshop.

Project workshop 2021

The workshop will focus on

  • Development

The main objectives of the workshop will be to

  • collect information about needs in ECML member states, which teacher competences should be developed, which types of scenarios would be useful. Participants will be invited to complete a pre-task workshop task;
  • work with participants to develop the concept and tools and make sure that they are relevant in various contexts; 
  • create a network for further collaborative development after the workshop.

Profile of participants

  • Professional background: teachers, teacher educators, decision makers, teacher education curriculum designers

More details will be published closer to the dates of the workshop.

If you wish to participate click here and contact your National nominating authority.