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    Ensuring coherence

CLIL in languages other than English –
Successful transitions across educational stages

Ensuring coherence: The guiding principles for CLIL

In order to ensure coherence between the products designed across the working groups of the network, guiding principles for CLIL have been established by the project group based on previous research.
The templates for gathering examples of practice from the countries represented in the network were developed by the project team. They are based on the guiding principles. Also the piloting and review process of the products was based on the guiding principles.

In the Danish context, the guiding principles have been used in a project financed by the Danish National Centre for Foreign Languages (NCFF) as checklist to develop and evaluate lesson plans within CLIL. The Danish version is an example of how the guiding principles can be used and concretized in a specific context, e.g., by drawing on research literature in the state languages.

Download the Danish version of the checklist (pdf)

Download the Danish version translated into English (pdf)