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    Mobility and intercultural learning

Mobility and intercultural learning

Mobility programmes are promoted as unique opportunities for building up language competence and strengthening intercultural understanding. The popularity of mobility programmes today is also due to easier access to such initiatives (in particular through EU programmes) and administrative support provided by institutions in students’ own countries. 

Yet despite general recognition of the value and educational importance of mobility programmes there seems to be potential for improving the success of study abroad experiences.

Projects targeting mobility and intercultural learning

Mobility programmes for sustainable plurilingual and intercultural learning (Plurimobil)

  Project duration: 2012-2014
Project website in English/French
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The project aims to promote good practice in mobility programmes, developing linguistic and intercultural competences based on the use of tools developed by the Council of Europe. It will provide model learning scenarios for trainee teachers and pupils in upper secondary education (college and vocational).