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Information about the ECML

ECML information brochure: English - French


Canadian publications

Canadian participation in ECML projects 2008-2015

University of Ottawa/OLBI, Canada and the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML): Canadian participation in ECML projects 2008-2015 / Le Canada et le Centre européen pour les langues vivantes (CELV): La participation canadienne aux travaux du CELV 2008 à 2015, 2015
Bilingual version


Professional (refereed) Canadian Journals:





Hot Topics/Trends/Themes


  • The Language Portal of Canada is a Website that showcases Canadian expertise in the area of language. It informs readers about Canadian resources that deal with different aspects of language.
  • LangCanada.ca is a portal to promote and develop the linguistic duality of Canada by providing a one-stop window on the Internet that provides access to information and resources related to second official language teaching and learning.


Intensive French and Intensive English

Canadian Approach to the Common European Framework


French and English Second Language Teachers


Core French and immersion programs


Minority education 


Sample of teaching resources

Education in French mother tongue

Second Language Teaching


Centres and institutes


Institutions and associations





Euromosaic study: Support from the European Commission for measures to promote and safeguard regional or minority languages and cultures.

National relay for the European Day of Languages

The function of a national EDL Relay is to act as a multiplier for organisations, schools and associations, circulating:

  • information communicated by the Council of Europe (for example the press release of the Council on the Day, which the Relays are invited to translate into national/local languages, updates on the website);

  • promotional materials - posters, stickers etc. provided by the Council of Europe every year in significant quantities for event organisers.

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Canada and the Council of Europe in brief

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