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4. Language matters

Languages that can play the role of barrier or link between generations benefits from being at the heart of educational reflections.

Z and α generations




Motivation according to a purpose

Express in clear language the purposes of an activity or project

22. Finalise each activity: Explain the objectives (meaning, goal, target, achievement, enhancement, reward, etc.) and the expected format (use explicit action verbs: describe, present, draw, explain, etc.)

See also EOL matrix field 2.1. “Sensitising learners”

sensitive approach to learning

Vary the forms of expression both in reception and in production

23. Foster a sensitive approach to the language: Develop the creative use of the language both in substance (utopias, imaginations, fictions) and in form (poetry, songs) and thus engage with all of the student's senses

See also EOL matrix field 3.2. ”Implementing a language sensitive approach”

In-context learning

Adapt linguistic progression to the needs of students through in vivo grammar

24. Present grammar in context: Support language awareness according to the needs of the students. The inductive approach to language seems more effective for some student profiles than a strict application of grammar rules.

See also EOL matrix field 1.1. “Supporting skills”

Training on discursive skills

Differentiate the treatment of vocabulary

25. Lexicalise the procedures: Distinguish the approach by type of vocabulary

·    Thematic vocabulary : choose challenging activities and promote the ability to use online translators and dictionaries instead of banning them

·    Choose to represent functional discursive vocabulary (narration, description, explanation, argumentation) in illustrated mind maps

Develop discursive skills with the EOL tool “Discursive teaching”


Develop the practice of the target language through other subjects

26. Enrich the use of the target language: Offer use of the target language in complex situations based on the contribution of various subjects.

See also EOL matrix field 4.2. “Interdisciplinarity”

Ability to challenge complexity

Value the role of language to ease the combination of various abstraction levels

27. Use concrete and discourse-specific language: Associate different levels of abstraction through concrete learning situations: the object, the subject, the language to speak about it and its representations (cultural, graphic or schematic)

See also EOL matrix field 5.1. “Enriching pathways”

Plurilingual and intercultural experience

Value students’ and teachers’ plurilingual and intercultural repertoires

28. Value the students’ plurilingual repertoires: challenge learners with multilingual projects: an international press review, an intercultural escape game, an online network competition with other schools worldwide, etc.

See also EOL matrix field 4.1. “Valorising pathways”