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    Innovative learning environment

5. Innovative learning environment

Developing a global, disruptive, inclusive approach to education can help to overcome the generational divide.

Z and α generations




Common digital culture

Take digital education to the next level  as a right and not as an end

29. Empower schools: Set up digital education culture with the students: network learning, interactions, knowledge sharing, responsible data mana-gement, etc. See also EOL matrix field 3.4. “Enhancing interconnections”

Leadership and ability to learn on the go

Help learners to  define a personal training project

30. Promote free access to education and culture: Fund the installation of self-service educational digital displays and subsidise access to culture in all its forms.  Open up access to knowledge through open online course.

See also EOL matrix field 2.4. “Ensuring and widening diversity”


Foster lifelong learning and training

31. Turn each school into a learning facility: Build bridges between school and civil society. Support cooperation between teachers and parents and students’ role in mediation. Empower schools in their role for sustainable linguistic and cultural diversity.

See also EOL matrix field 4.4. “Promoting collective intelligence”

Learning through block chains

Enhance cooperation

32. Turn the classroom into a learning social network: Reduce the time spent in instruction for the benefit of collaborative learning time in the classroom or online: peer learning, network learning, co-teaching, etc.

Holistic viewing

Really target European citizenship though education

33. Create a European understanding for education: Develop European educational standards (equipment, qualifications, rights), increase cooperation (foster Erasmus +) and offer each European citizen a personal training and trainer account on a continental scale.

Have a look at the “Framework of competences for democratic culture”

Need for common culture

Value teaching by making transmission the ultimate goal of all learning

34. Promote learning: Set up a civic culture of education and training at the heart of democracy by valuing the expertise of teachers commensurate with their social role.

See also EOL matrix field 1.4. “Fostering global awareness”

Need to feel autonomous

Provide effective and ongoing instructional feedback

35. Optimise the eLearning environment: Create a positive and achievement-oriented eLearning environment (goal-referenced, tangible, transparent, actionable, specific, personalised, timely, ongoing, consistent)

See also EOL matrix field 5.4. “Building specific learning environments”