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Working at the ECML


Vacancies for jobs at the European Centre for Modern Languages will be advertised on the Council of Europe's website.


The ECML offers traineeships twice a year for recent graduates with an excellent command of at least one of the working languages of the Council of Europe (English and French) and, ideally, a good knowledge of the other. Some knowledge of other languages would be an advantage. Traineeships last 6 months (January to June or July to December).

Deadlines for application: 28 February for the traineeship starting July and 31 August for the traineeship starting in January.

There are four areas in which you can do a traineeship:

  1. Website:
    the web trainee assists the webmaster and participates in the development of the web site of the ECML, is responsible for follow-up tasks, for checking on accuracy and for updating of information
  2. Programme:
    the programme trainee assists the programme team and is responsible for tasks closely related to the day-to-day running of the programme of activities
  3. Communication, Documentation and Resource Centre:
    the trainee assists the Documentalist and the Web & Communication Assistant and participates in daily activities linked with library and communication work (documentation and information requests, dissemination work, cataloging, etc.)
  4. Administration and Finances:
    the Administration trainee assists the Administration team and proceeds financial documents, works with different database and prepares the documents and reimbursement forms related to the workshops.

All trainees will also support the programme team by completing general tasks within the framework of programme events (workshops and meetings).

Please consult the traineeship webpage for more details.