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Integrated didactics for languages: a multifaceted approach to language education

Expert meeting (Graz, Austria, 9-10 April 2024)

Author: Catherine Seewald/24 April 2024/Categories: Show on front page, project news, A toolkit for implementing integrated didactics in language education

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What is integrated didactics for languages? And how can it be implemented effectively in European classrooms? Our project, which is dedicated to exploring this topic, seeks to provide a detailed answer. The contexts in which different languages can be integrated into language learning are very diverse, ranging from basic language constellations within the school system at the macro level to specific activities in language classes involving individual linguistic repertoires.

During our first expert meeting at the ECML, we tried to define these areas more precisely. With the support of Michel Candelier, we discussed the necessary components of a toolkit to help teachers implement integrated didactics. This toolkit will include theoretical guidance, sample materials and tools for adapting materials, as well as resources for additional support.

On the second day, with the expertise of Anna Schröder-Sura, we reviewed past ECML projects to identify instances where integrated didactics, which is also presented in FREPA, had previously been addressed. In this way we want to recall the earlier programmes through this topic.

We look forward to four years of collaboration and hope that our project will make a valuable contribution to plurilingual education in Europe.


Christian Koch, Dolors Masats, Elżbieta Sielanko-Byford, Marie Steffens


  • ECML project website “A toolkit for implementing integrated didactics in language education”: EnglishFrench



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