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    Conference 2014-3
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Rapport de la conférence

 Rapport en anglais: "Europe’s mother tongues are foreign tongues"

Photos de la conférence

Extraits audio de la conférence

Qu'est-ce qu'une éducation de qualité?




Les priorités de l'éducation en Irlande


Espaces d'apprentissage


Témoignages en vidéo

Bernd Ruschoff

How would you diversify language education to encourage the use and awareness of minority languages and cultures?

David Newby
Anthony Fitzpatrick
Please describe your most inspiring, exciting or encouraging experience with languages.

Isabel Ortiz
Do you believe that new technology enhances language learning both in and outside the classroom?

Marija Novakovic
What will the language classroom look like in 2064?

Paula Mattila
What measures could be taken to encourage more people to learn languages?

Peter Gunning
Could you please tell me to what extent does language affect personal and national identity?

Snežana Samardžić Marković
What impact might languages have on situations of conflict?

Waldemar Martyniuk
What are the biggest chalenges in majority language or mother language teaching in your countru today?