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    Programm 2016-2019
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    Wegweiser für Schulen zur Förderung der Unterrichtssprache(n)
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Wegweiser für Schulen zur Förderung der Unterrichtssprache(n)

Project management and documentation

Annual planning and preparing meetings

ECML training and consultancy for member states


Project Powerpoint templates


  • Resources for assessing the home language competences of migrant pupils - EN/FR
  • CLIL in languages other than English - EN/FR
  • CEFR Companion Volume implementation toolbox - EN/FR
  • Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches - EN/FR
  • Developing transversal competences in language education - EN/DE
  • Digital citizenship through language education - EN/DE
  • Enhancing language education in cross-border vocational education - EN/FR
  • Young children's language learning pathways - EN/FR
  • Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment - EN/FR

ECML promotional materials


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