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    How useful the outcomes and outputs will be

How useful the outcomes and outputs will be

Envisaged benefits for target groups involved in the project

Example 1:
Change Agents: Teachers participants will have experienced working and experimenting in a dynamic European-wide professional learning community where they and their learners are at the centre of innovative practice. CLIL 2.0 will skill them as disseminators and multipliers so that they have a genuine role to play in transforming practice.Teacher ownership of new ideas and practices enables a 'bottom-up' movement for change and brings professional value and motivation to teachers.  
Example 2:
University Masters' credits:The work of the teachers involved will be recognised through APL (accreditation for prior learning) and, depending on their roles,award them credits for the Masters in PluriLingual Education ( University of Aberdeen). By reflecting on and understanding better what is needed to encourage pluriliterate learners, teachers as teacher educators will advance their own career paths.   

Envisaged benefits for the ultimate beneficiary of the project – the learner

Example 1:
Learners will be involved in analysing their own learning through engaging in motivating yet challenging classroom activities. The activities will help them to monitor the development of their own literacy skills.Hence raising awareness of themselves as more autonomous pluriliterate learners. 
Example 2:
Measurable improvements in learners' FL literacy skills regardless of their ability. Such improvements will impact on attitudes and learning behaviours. 




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Project workshop in 2015 - if you wish to participate click here and contact your National Nominating Authority