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Developing Online Teaching Skills

Training kit


Using YouTube in class

You have heard about YouTube, but you do not quite know what to make of it?
Perhaps your students love it, and you were wondering whether it might be something you could use in your language class…
Or maybe you are just curious on how you can use this technology in your face-to-face or online language class?
Perhaps you have used it but you need some additional ideas or things to consider…
And, of course, you do would like to be able to do it all quickly, without bulky technical explanations, and with hands-on examples. 

This activity is designed to do just that.  It is built in a modular format, so you can choose to do just one part of it or the whole training sequence – depending on your needs and time allowance.

Here are some online tools discussed at the first workshop in Graz (December 2008). Next to each tool there is a short description. If you click on the picture, a short presentation will appear with some additional information.


Audacity enables teachers to create oral activities for online teaching environment (i.e. pronunciation, listening comprehension and oral production activities).


Blogs are websites that are updated frequently. They are globally accessible, and can store texts, images, audio and video.


A glossary allows users to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.

Online forum

An online forum is an online discussion site (message/bulletin board) for asynchronous written communication among participants, who send messages (posts) there.

The Moodle platform

The Moodle platform is an online teaching platform.


A podcast is a series of audio or video files distributed over the Internet to portable media players and personal computers.


A quiz is an online activity which allows multiple choice, true-false, gap fill, and/or short answer questions.


A survey is a quick way to collect responses to set questions. 


Wikis are websites that can be quickly updated by multiple users.

Online videoconferencing

Online videoconferencing enables participants at a distance to see and hear one another.

Synchronous online chat

A synchronous online chat is a virtual discussion platform to facilitate and manage real-time text messages.