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    A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
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A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education

There is a growing interest in national and regional contexts for standardisation in areas such as evaluation, approaches to quality control and management. Qualitraining aims to work towards consolidating a quality assurance culture in language education across Europe and beyond. The Qualitraining materials provides useful resources for this and ensures its effectiveness as an instrument for quality assurance. The goal is also to raise awareness for quality culture in language learning and in general.


These worksheets are taken from the CD-Rom attached to the Qualitraining guide. You can view the whole content of the CD-Rom here.

Applying QualiTraining

Qualitraining case studies

 Case study Finland

Extra material

 Introduction of a Web-based Course-management System (Cyprus)

 Creating Opportunities for the Cognitive and Emotional Engagement of 
 EFL Teachers Through a Journal

 The benefits of the quality certification in Spanish language teaching centers (Spain)

 Panel school placement in initial teacher training (UK)

 From practice to theory in FL teacher education

 00 Articles_Applying QT_Publication_Details

 01 An_Integrative_Approach to QualiTraining_Baby3_07_Muresan

 02 Promoting a Quality Culture at Grassroots level in HE Muresan 08

 03 Dimensions of Quality in HE Sandru Diana 2008

 04_Building Generational Quality through Team Learning and Self-evaluation_Muresan L &Ghiga G_2009

 05 Building Generational Quality through Team Learning and Self-Evaluation 09 Muresan

 06 QA in ESP in HE_Muresan L_2009

 07 QualiTeaching & QualiLearning in times of crisis_Muresan L_2009

 08 Quality Enhancement in HE through S-E and Targeted Prof Dev_Muresan

 09 Performance of Acad Research_ZahariaR_2008

 10 A Small-scale Mangement Syst for QA in an EAP Course_Pérez-Llantada C_2010

 11 European Quality and Proficiency Standards - EAQUALS_Matheidesz M_2009

 12_Towards Multilingualism in Europe_The Importance of Quality Standards in Lang Learning_Rossner R_2009

 13_QA through Inspections and the Inspector's Role_Calciu R_2009

 14 Managing Innovation in Educational Contexts_Hockley A_2009  

 15 From Inspection to S-E in English Education_Dahl Ph_2009

 16 For a Better School_Iosifescu S_2009  

 17 SemLang - Bardi M_2009 

 Cambridge ESOL_RS_nts38

 ECML article for LangTng_repo