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    Programme 2004-2007
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    European Curriculum Guidelines For Access Programmes into Higher Education For Under-Represented Adult Learners

Programme 2004-2007 : Les langues pour la cohésion sociale


Lignes directrices européennes concernant le curriculum des programmes d'accès à l'éducation supérieure pour les apprenants adultes sous-représentés

Coordination: Mme. Grete Kernegger


The idea for the CHAGAL project was born out of the realisation that education systems have to be responsive to the diverse backgrounds and specific needs of international students and to adopt effective strategies to offer students every chance of success in their undertakings. An innovative and inclusive curriculum sensitive to the students’ diversity not only promotes positive student reaction and success, but also reflects the host country’s acceptance of the potential these students have to offer.

On the CHAGAL in ACTION! CD-Rom 12Curriculum Guidelines drawn up by the 16partner institutions originally participating in the CHAGAL-Grundtvig project describe how student-centred course curricula can be developed and implemented and illustrate how CHAGAL principles can be put into practice. Examples of good practice from 9European countries comprise the areas of

  • social and cultural learning

  • content-based learning

  • language and study skills

  • student support

and are – together with the CHAGAL Recipe Book for Teachers – targeted specifically at practitioners.


Roland Forster, Grete Kernegger, Mee Foong Lee, Imke Mohr , Kees Smit and Penka Taneva-Kafelova with the cooperation of Hannes Vogler.

Foster, Roland / Kernegger, Grete et al., European curriculum guidelines for access programmes into higher education for under-represented adult learners / Europäische Leitlinien für studienvorbereitende Einrichtungen, Strasbourg / Graz: Council of Europe / European Centre for Modern Languages , 2006, ISBN 10 92-871-5994-7, [CD-Rom].

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