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    Innovative methodologies and assessment in language learning
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    ECML-EC Colloquium December 2022

Innovative methodologies and assessment in language learning

A Cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe and the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission.

Call for workshops
in 2023

ECML-EC Colloquium: Innovative Methodologies and Assessment in Language Learning 10 years on - moving forward together
13-14 December 2022

Day 1

ECML-EC Cooperation: a mutually beneficial partnership

By Anna Sole Mena and Sarah Breslin

The changing shape of language education, consequences of covid for learners and teachers: correlating the voices of language learners and teachers

By Peter Brown
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10 years of RELANG

By José Noijons

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The ECML Summer academy (in French)

By Marisa Cavalli

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Supporting multilingual classrooms (in French)

By Brigitte Gerber

A snapshot of SMC and RELANG experiences from various countries

Sweden - a changed mindset

By Lisa Källermark-Haya 

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RELANG in Albania

By Tatjana Vuçani and Ludmilla Stefani

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Presentations from Malta and Belgium

SMC and RELANG in Malta

RELANG in Belgium

Day 2

Panel discussion: Impulses for future joint actions of the ECML and the European Commission

ECML programme 2024-2027: First indicators 

By Susanna Slivensky

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This initiative is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission, entitled
Innovative Methodologies and Assessment in language learning