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Electronic European Language Portfolio
Working with an electronic European Language Portfolio for better language learning

Fostering efficient language learning and effective support through the use of a learner-friendly electronic version of the European Language Portfolio (eELP)


Preparing meetings

General information on Managing national training events


  • Word template with programme logo
  • Powerpoint template with programme logo
  • Programme template EN-FR-DE
  • Report template for moderators
  • Report template for moderators - FR
  • Report template for local organisers
  • Report template for local organisers - FR
  • List of participants
  • Powerpoint templates:
    • Language of schooling in subject learning EN - FR
    • Plurilingual and intercultural approaches (FREPA) EN - FR
    • Supporting the language(s) of schooling (ROADMAP) EN - FR
    • Learning environments where modern languages flourish (EOL) EN - FR
    • ICT in language teaching and learning (ICT-REV) EN - FR
    • Action research communities (ARC) EN - FR
    • Quality education in Romani (QualiRom) EN - FR
    • Language for workCLIL and beyond (pluriliteracies) EN - FR
    • Teacher competences for languages in education EN - FR
    • Young migrants - Supporting multilingual classrooms EN - FR
    • Testing and assessment - Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the CEFR  EN - FR
  • Post-event evaluation forms for participants: EN - FR
  • About the ECML

    Visibility kit

    • Checklist for ECML Training and consultancy events: 
      • for the local organisers: EN - FR
      • for the ECML expert teams: EN -  FR
    • Suggested ECML materials which can be ordered for your event:
      • Plurilingual education: EN - FR
      • Electronic European Language Portfolio: EN
      • Teacher education: EN - FR
      • Content and Language Integrated Learning: EN - DE
      • Adult migrants: EN
      • Romani: EN
      • Online technology: EN - FR
      • Mobility: EN
      • Additional resources: see all the latest ECML resources
        "Learning through languages" (2015): EN - FR


      ECML National contacts

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