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Teacher education
Using the European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL)

This Training and Consultancy activity provides a forum for teacher educators wishing to introduce or optimise their use of the European Portfolio of Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL). Experiences of the practical implementation of the EPOSTL will be shared and issues underlying its competence descriptors will be explored.


Preparing meetings

General information on Managing national training events


  • Word template with programme logo
  • Powerpoint template with programme logo
  • Programme template EN-FR-DE
  • Report template for moderators
  • Report template for moderators - FR
  • Report template for local organisers
  • Report template for local organisers - FR
  • List of participants
  • Powerpoint templates:
    • Language of schooling in subject learning EN - FR
    • Plurilingual and intercultural approaches (FREPA) EN - FR
    • Supporting the language(s) of schooling (ROADMAP) EN - FR
    • Learning environments where modern languages flourish (EOL) EN - FR
    • ICT in language teaching and learning (ICT-REV) EN - FR
    • Action research communities (ARC) EN - FR
    • Quality education in Romani (QualiRom) EN - FR
    • Language for workCLIL and beyond (pluriliteracies) EN - FR
    • Teacher competences for languages in education EN - FR
    • Young migrants - Supporting multilingual classrooms EN - FR
    • Testing and assessment - Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the CEFR  EN - FR
  • Post-event evaluation forms for participants: EN - FR
  • About the ECML

    Visibility kit

    • Checklist for ECML Training and consultancy events: 
      • for the local organisers: EN - FR
      • for the ECML expert teams: EN -  FR
    • Suggested ECML materials which can be ordered for your event:
      • Plurilingual education: EN - FR
      • Electronic European Language Portfolio: EN
      • Teacher education: EN - FR
      • Content and Language Integrated Learning: EN - DE
      • Adult migrants: EN
      • Romani: EN
      • Online technology: EN - FR
      • Mobility: EN
      • Additional resources: see all the latest ECML resources
        "Learning through languages" (2015): EN - FR


      ECML National contacts

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