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Adult migrants
Quality assurance in language and citizenship courses

Supportive guidance by experts with extensive experience of quality assurance and quality development in language education can enable stakeholders to take a fresh and more objective look at the quality and effectiveness of provision.


As more migrants and refugees from outside Europe arrive in member states, the provision of language courses and citizenship courses to support the integration in the host societies, and access to work, education and essential services becomes a burning priority. A crucial aspect of such courses is the quality and effectiveness of their planning, delivery and assessment, and especially of the learning opportunities they provide. Specialised quality assurance and quality development are thus essential.

The Council of Europe’s Self-Assessment Handbook for Providers of Courses for Adult Migrants can be used as a tool to aid the process of guided reflection and, where relevant, the planning of improvements.

Target groups

  • Managers of institutions providing language and citizenship courses for migrants and/or directors of such courses;
  • Policy and decision makers.

Results and benefits

  • Higher quality course provision that meets the needs of this vulnerable group while fulfilling national objectives;
  • Improved opportunities for adult migrants to improve their proficiency in the language of the host community and their knowledge of its values and principles;
  • An enhanced awareness among course providers of the key features of such courses and indicators of quality and cost effectiveness.

Adult migrants Training and Consultancy

Trainings can be conducted in English, French or German.

This offer is targeted at managers of institutions providing language and citizenship courses for migrants and/or directors of such courses, as well as policy and decision makers and provides:

  • Training courses and workshops that can be replicated flexibly after the life of the project
  • Materials and tools to support training, quality assurance and quality development in this field.
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Through a process of orientation, use of a questionnaire, and workshops, managers of courses for adult migrants and other key stake holders at national level engage in supported systematic assessment of the provision of language and citizenship courses for adult migrants and refugees, and guided reflection on steps that might be taken to improve their quality and effectiveness.

Provision of member state

  • nomination of appropriate institutions and individuals to participate in the project
  • one or more interlocutors at senior level to discuss needs and objectives identified by the member state
  • information about current approaches and specific needs at local level
  • access to the relevant target groups
  • co-organisation of local conferences and Workshops

see also: Practical information

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