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Migrant education and employment

Today Europe is home to millions of first, second and third generation migrants as well as ethnic minority communities. The ECML has a number of publications and on-going projects dedicated to language education for migrants both at school and in the workplace, as well as advice and guidance for decision-makers and employers on how to benefit from this diversity.

Council of Europe Resources
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Young migrants
Adult migrants
Plurilingual education (FREPA)

European Commission resources

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Languages for jobs. Providing multilingual communication skills for the labour market

The working group has drawn up this report as a response to the main challenges associated with the provision of language skills for the labour market. It constitutes an appeal to sharpen the focus on employment-related aspects of language learning. The aim is to provide input for the current discussions at national and European levels on modernising education systems and quality assurance built on learning outcomes.

Available in English.

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The Language guide for European business

This guide is about solving your company’s language and communication problems. It offers your company advice on how to deal with the language and cultural issues that arise every day in international business. It will help you develop a strategy for dealing with communication problems in new or expanding markets in other countries.

Available in 22 languages.

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Languages and employability (CIEP 2014)

L’objectif du projet est de contribuer à améliorer l’employabilité des jeunes par une meilleure prise en compte des besoins en langues étrangères des employeurs sur le territoire français.

Available in French.

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Integrating Students from Migrant Backgrounds into Schools in Europe

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Other resources

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Migrant Education (OECD)

Migrant education is high on the policy agenda in many OECD countries. While the integration of immigrants into the labour market has been extensively researched, focusing on outcomes for their children and reviewing education policies at the international level has rarely been done. The OECD Thematic Review on Migrant Education will focus on the education outcomes of children of immigrants, with an emphasis on ‘schools’ (pre-school, primary school, and secondary school), while noting that the process of integration is multi-directional, interactive, and non-linear.

Available in English.

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International Organization for Migration (IOM)

IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.

Available in English and French.

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Language for Resilience
The role of language in enhancing the resilience of Syrian refugees and host communities (British Council)

Language for Resilience report summary (EN)
Language for Resilience report (EN)
Language for Resilience report summary (Arabic)
Language for Resilience report (Arabic)