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Treasure chest of resources for parents

We are living in a demanding time. As parents, we want to protect our children. We worry that time lost at school may impact negatively on their education. The good news is that there are many different ways to learn. Learning happens everywhere, not just in school. This can be a precious time to find out what and how your child likes to learn. When children’s interests are aroused, they will push their own boundaries, giving time, concentration, and effort to what they enjoy. Encouraging children to work on what they like, can help to enhance their learning when they return to school. 
Children like routines. Knowing what is coming next helps to build security and confidence. But school routine and home routine do not have to be the same.

COVID-19 will pass. We can use this situation to spend time with our children. It is natural that some days will be better than others. If you find tension building, the best thing to do is stop, leave it, do something else. If you can get to the park, forest or seashore, take a break. 
Whether or not you are confined to the home, play some dance music and dance! This may help to get rid of pent up energy.

Tell stories, talk, discuss, reflect. Encourage your children to question. Above all listen. Listen to what your child has to say. You may get new insights into their needs, likes and dislikes. If you listen, you may hear good suggestions from them as to how learning can be approached. If it is their idea, they may be more disposed to carrying it out!

Talking and listening will improve children’s language skills. Use the language of your home even if this is different to the language of the school. Improving home language will help your child to learn the language of the school too. Using two (or more) languages and writing dual language texts will improve children’s knowledge of both languages.

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Here you’ll find inspiring practices from different countries as well as existing ECML tools which can support parents as they home-school their children. All the tools are clearly explained, simple and ready-to-use. 

There are two treasure chests; one for children age 3-6 and another for children age 6-12:

Treasure chest of activities for children age 3 to 6

Treasure chest of activities for children age 6 to 12

We will be adding new resources so that our treasure chest will continue to reveal hidden gems…

What makes language learning inspiring?