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Treasure chest of resources for children age 3-6

Resources for inspiring language learning 

Here you will find concrete ideas from different contexts (such as projects, websites, games, books, ICT etc.). We hope that these resources will help you to create an inspiring language learning environment for your child.

Khan Academy Kids

Joyful learning starts here! Inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery with a free, fun educational program for children ages two to seven. In the section Remote Resources, you will find a range of ways to keep kids learning at home, e.g. Daily schedules, Printable Activities & Worksheets, "Circle Time" Kids Activities on YouTube etc.

Languages of the website: English

Teddy bear yoga

10 minutes of enjoyable relaxation techniques for younger learners

Languages of the website: English
Age range: 3-6

Science for kids with Emma Bothma

Every day, Emma Bothma, science and maths teacher, shows young children how to do exciting experiments using very simple things like paper clips, thread, water, etc. If you like exploring and finding out how things work, do visit Emma’s twitter site for a new idea every day.
How to grow a rainbow: Make your very own rainbow and make someone smile when they see it in your window! It is very easy to do. 

Languages of the website: English
Age range: 3-6 

Petzi and friends

Three simple activities to play with young children (up to the age of 6). The games focus on their favourite playmates (cuddly toys, teddy bears, etc.) which are even more important to children in these special times.

URL Link:
• English version: Petzi and friends
• French version: Mon nonours et ses copains
• German version: Mein Teddybär und seine Freunde
• Portuguese version: Ursinho de peluche e seus amigos
• Luxembourgish version: De Petzi a seng Frënn

Languages of the website: English, French, German, Portuguese, Luxembourgish
Age range: 3-6

Bumps to Bairns

Website with many suggestions and activities for young children to talk and develop their skills through exploring and play based learning activities that can be done in the house, with everyday household objects.

Languages of the website: English
Age range: 3-6 

Learning opportunities for children up to age 4

A project of the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich. The video clips are designed for parents and caregivers of young children, as well as professionals. They are a source of information, they encourage adults to recognise and pick up on the educational processes concerning young children in daily life. The 65 video clips are two to four minutes long and are available in 13 languages. They show what inspiring language learning at an everyday scale may look like.

Languages of the website: Switzerland’s four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh as well as nine other languages: Albanian, Arabic, English, Portuguese, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Spanish, Tamil, Tigrinya and Turkish
Age range: 3-6 

Interesting links for children age 3-12

Distance Learning: Free Digital Reading Resources for Multilingual Learners

These multilingual reading resources are designed to help multilingual learners with their reading skills. Books and stories in a wide variety of languages give you the opportunity to explore new places, meet new characters and discover new languages.

Language of the website: English
Resources: wide variety of global languages
Age range: all ages

Relaxation activities for children

The UK webpage Save the children supports children to learn, grow and to be safe and healthy. This section of the webpage offers simple relaxing exercises such as Lazy Cat, the Turtle, Lemon etc. to support the child´s well-being and concentration on learning.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12

Scavenger hunts for young and old

In times of COVID-19, making learning playful and exciting is more important than ever. Scavenger hunts offer many opportunities to discover and re-discover and environment you thought, you’d know well. All you need is a list of elements you’re supposed to find in the kitchen, the living room, the bath- or bedroom, in the garden, the forest … Language happens spontaneously when you’re in search of the items on your list, describing them, asking questions etc.

The English blog “primary playgrounds” offers a whole range of scavenger hunts to be played and played again.
The German blog “Schnitzeljagd Ideen” offers a scavenger hunt for colours (Regenbogen-Schnitzeljagd) for young children age 3 to 5.

Language of the website: English, German
Age range: 3-12

The Fable Cottage

Traditional fairy tale stories retold in modern language and available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, created for language learners with videos to have visual clues and translation (to English) available.

Language of the website: English, Spanish, Italian, German
Age range: 3-12

Global Storybooks

A multilingual literacy resource for children with African stories in many different languages and at different levels. Children can read, listen and download the stories in forty different languages.

Language of the website: stories are available in 40 languages
Age range: 3-12

Education Nation: Top Remote Learning solutions that you can use for free

Concerning closing the schools during the crisis, teaching and learning have moved fully online. To support both teachers and parents in this new situation, Nordic countries have opened up their e-learning solutions for the world for free. Here you have 40+ remote learning solutions from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden that you are welcome to use.
The webpage offers also remote learning webinars for parents.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12

PowerLanguage for families

Learn a Language as a family! The PowerLanguage team would like to offer their support to children and their families whilst they wait for the reopening of schools. Why not take this opportunity to learn a new language together? Have fun!

The site offers successful French / Spanish for Families courses with no subscription fee until the end of June 2020.

Languages of the website: English, French, Spanish
Age range: 3-12

Top Marks

Topmarks is a leading independent educational website for children, teaching professionals and parents helping teachers and parents save time finding excellent online educational resources. The section Parents´ resources offers a range of inspiring simple activities for e.g. Learning numbers, Learning letters and words, Learning to read, Learning through cooking, Toys and games, Sand and water play etc..

Language of the website: EnglishAge range: 3-12

Welcome to ABC Creative Music Online

This site introduces creative music-making with an emphasis on engaging children in enjoyable musical activities. Children learn to create, perform and enjoy both on-screen and using downloadable handouts. Presentation is in English. Suitable for a wide range of age-groups.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12

At Home with Weaving Well-being

This is a free activity journal to help children to enhance their mental wellbeing through a range of activities. It is most suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years old but can be adapted for younger or older age groups. The downloaded journal can be printed. No printer? No problem! All you need is a blank sheet of paper, and a pen/ pencil. This free journal is written in English.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12 

Supporting your kids during the corona virus crisis

This section of the UNICEF’s website, available in 5 languages, is dedicated to ways in which parents can support their kids through the phase of confinement due to the coronavirus disease outbreak. Parents will find advice on how to deal with emotions of their children in this new and sometimes very difficult situation.

Language of the website: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish
Age range: 3-12 

Fun at home with authors and illustrators

UK's largest reading charity BookTrust provides families and children age 4 to 12+ with a large offer of free online English books, videos and games. Children are invited to read and listen to stories, test their knowledge about books, draw pictures of their favourite characters.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12 

Common sense media: Coronavirus support

Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Lots of outstanding free options of great educational games, apps and websites. Since the subjects here range from reading to math skills, kids can find all sorts of fun practice for all kinds of topics. These resources are either completely free or full of quality free content for kids to explore. They'll learn while being entertained! .

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-12 

Storytime: Chris Riddell reads Once Upon a Wild Wood

Once Upon a Wild Wood describes the journey of Little Green Raincape as she travels through the woods. Here she meets well-loved characters, e.g., Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs, from well-known fairy tales. Plenty of time is given for children to observe the beautiful illustrations in the book. This is a story that would be good for developing children’s English language skills.

Language of the website: English
Age range: 3-8