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    Inventory of ICT tools

Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Welcome to the inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning developed by the ICT-REV project! The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with specific criteria in mind. Read more
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Memorize Now

Free to use memory tool. Designed to help you put information into your short-term memory. Simply create a list of terms to memorise and test yourself. There is no limit on the amount of lists you can make and you also have the option to enter a variety of different topics to memorise at once, using the ‘bulk1’ and ‘bulk2’ features, which can be a helpful time saver.

Evaluation: A tool for studying and note-taking. It has a memorise feature to help you remember the text you’ve entered. There is also a flashcard feature to test yourself once you’ve memorised your notes. While you cannot create a user account, you can still save your work and continue editing or adding to it at a later time. Try also Quizlet and Memrise.

Cost: Free

Website: http://www.memorizenow.com/



Principal function(s)
  • Flashcard
Type of interaction
  • Individual work
  • You supply
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar


User-friendliness/complexity of the tool´s interface Interface: Simple
Time needed for mastering the „how-to“ of the tool and a production of a task Time efficiency: High
The number of languages in which the tool is currently available/adaptable to Interface language(s): English
Does the tool require registration? Who can see my data? Can I remain anonymous? Respect for privacy: High, you cannot create an account which eliminates the need to provide personal information. The website claims to not intentionally collect any information from its users.
Possiblity to save your or others´ work for reuse/reproduction Saving work for future use: Yes, you can save your work and use it offline, then reconnect to Memorize Now when you wish to continue working on it.
Possibility of the tool to be used for a  range of different activities (e.g. to what extent you can organize a project assignment with a central activity based on this tool) Tailorability (If so, how?) Yes, you provide the content


Technical requirements

Installation required? No
Compatibility/Operating System: Windows, Mac
Other tech requirements: None

Latest addition

Factile (Jeopardy-style games creator)

Factile is an online platform that allows teachers to create games to play in order to check students' progress and preview or review learning materials. It offers a free version. Educators can either... view details

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