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Ressources du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV.

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DOTS: Developing online teaching skills

Many language teachers want to use up-to-date technology in their teaching but often do not have the time or resources for the necessary training. This training kit presents bite-size activities for ten popular tools that even the busiest language professionals can fit into their schedule. Working through training units which can be completed in around 30 minutes, teachers will get to know the uses and pedagogic benefits of online tools and learn how to integrate them into their language classes.

On the workspace, users can join a community of language professionals and online teaching experts to watch video clips of experts explaining their use of tools and discuss different experiences and needs. They can also create their own training activities, upload materials for others to use and translate the existing activities into various languages.


  • The training kit for language teachers contains 30 bite-size activities for self-training in using Moodle, wikis, forums, blogs, audio-conferencing, Audacity, online surveys, YouTube, podcasting and quizzes.

  • The offline version of the activities (on the data stick) can be used without access to the Internet.

  • The online version (on the workspace) contains additional interactive features and encourages collaboration with others.

Groupe(s) cible(s) : enseignantsformateurs d'enseignants

Année de publication : 2011

Auteur(s) : Tita Beaven, Martina Emke, Pauline Ernest, Aline Germain-Rutherford, Regine Hampel, Joseph Hopkins, Mateusz-Milan Stanojevic, Ursula Stickler

Documents promotionnels:
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Flyer (DE) (EN)



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