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Ressources du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV.

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CLIL-LOTE-START – Content and language integrated learning for languages other than English – Getting started!

The educational approach of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is now well-known in Europe, also beyond expert circles. However, practical examples on organisation, implementation and development of CLIL are still mostly confined to the context of the English medium CLIL. Aiming at diversification and as a contribution to European education for multilingualism, an information brochure and a rich online portal present examples of good practice in the area of CLIL with a special focus on German as a "CLIL-language".

The media platform hosted at the University of Tampere, Finland, contains a number of video clips and other materials showcasing the rich diversity of CLIL and includes documentaries covering a wide range of teaching and learning contexts. Users will find advice and ideas for implementing and further developing CLIL, using the example of German as a target and working language.


  • The promotion of a "CLIL- language" other than English (LOTE) to support and develop plurilingual and intercultural education in Europe and beyond to the non-specialist public.

  • The CLIL approach in practice: classroom examples, interviews and film documentaries.

Groupe(s) cible(s) : enseignantsformateurs d'enseignantsdecideurs

Année de publication : 2011

Auteur(s) : Anne-Brit Fenner, Clarisse Costa Afonso, Kim Haataja, Rolf Kruczinna

Documents promotionnels:
Flyer (EN) (DE)
Flygblad (SV)




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