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Publications du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV. Les publications peuvent être téléchargées gratuitement, en format pdf, sur la page de chacune des publications à la rubrique « Détails ».
Médiation entre théorie et pratique dans le contexte de différentes cultures d'apprentissage
David Newby

anglais, allemand

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In the last few years a wide variety of methods and approaches to teaching and learning foreign languages has been proposed by methodologists and applied linguists.from views of the nature of language and resulting descriptive models;from theories of and research into second-language acquisition;from views of how teachers can facilitate learning processes -i.e.methodology.It could be argued that many classroom teachers have a love-hate relationship with theory. On the one hand,various theoretical orientations have had a strong and very positive influence on classrooms throughout Europe in recent years;on the other,it appears to be the case that teachers are often alienated by the plethora of theories with which they are nowadays confronted. The overall aim of this project was to explore the interface between different types of theory and actual classroom practice and to consider what measures could be taken to optimise the mutual flow between theory and practice in the context of foreign language learning. The project was carried out in cooperation with the "Öster- reichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum" Austrian Ministry of Education).

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