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ECML resources

The work of the ECML represents a collective effort and determination to enhance the quality in language education at challenging times. The publications illustrate the dedication and active involvement of all those who participated in a series of international projects and training and consultancy activities. The promotion of the programme outputs and their adaptation to different learning environments is supported through National Contact Points in each of the member states of the Centre. Read more

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An early start: Young learners and modern languages in Europe and beyond

The idea for the comparative study dates from ECML, workshop No.2/97 entitled 'Theme -based Foreign Language Teaching to Young Learners' hosted in Graz. Participants from 20 countries attended. In the publication An Early Start: Young Learners and Modern Languages in Europe and Beyond, 18 articles present different approaches to early language learning on a national basis. The chapters reflect a wide range of perspectives as authors included classroom teachers, teacher trainers and researchers. On-going research into young learners' programmes is not typical of all the countries represented. Therefore, this exchange of methodologies and theories provides a valuable source of information for decision-makers in language policies

Target group(s): teachers

Publication year: 1999

Author(s): Helena Curtain, Marianne Nikolov



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Download the catalogue of the ECML programme outputs 2016-2019 "Languages at the heart of learning": English - French

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