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A short survey on the use of AI in language teaching

Author: Catherine Seewald/14 June 2024/Categories: Show on front page, project news, AI for language education

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At their launch meeting for the new ECML project “AI for language education” in March 2024 team members agreed on an outline of their first deliverable, an online survey on the use of AI in language teaching. A draft questionnaire to explore teachers’ experience, beliefs and attitudes about AI and its possible role in language teaching has subsequently been piloted in four different countries.

The survey is now open and available in English, Estonian, French, German and Greek.


The AI revolution is upon us! It has begun to have a huge impact on education. Some teachers are excited about the changes ahead, while others may feel more reluctant or even fear the arrival of AI. The aim of the questionnaire is to learn about your professional experience, beliefs and attitudes towards AI and its possible role in language teaching. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your personal views and insights.

English: https://forms.gle/3DET6BJP3HTk6Kx3A

Estonian: https://forms.gle/EtTVmgmg8HtadU1q8

French: https://forms.gle/aixuMNFY7ACtpkPg9

German: https://forms.gle/kGYgjZMZ5MPx87y87

Greek: https://forms.gle/NCP5gnRbcJoeu619A


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