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Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference (RELANG): ECML online national training workshop (30 June – 2 July, Croatia)

Author: Adelina Rosca/19 July 2021/Categories: Croatia, 6mtp TaC Evaluation and assessment

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Local organiser: Davor Černi, Education and Teacher Training Agency   

ECML experts: Rita Juknevičienė, Lithuania; Gábor Szabó, Hungary

Participants: 20 (advisors, teachers, test creators, test evaluators)


“Following the implementation of the new foreign language curricula as a part of the curricular reform being carried out in Croatia, in the school year 2020/2021, mediation was introduced into 11th year classrooms of Croatian secondary schools. As it is a completely new grading element Croatian foreign language teachers have to deal with, it is considered to be essential to allow as many of the teachers to develop skills in this area as possible. Based on previous experience we had in cooperation with the ECML – EC RELANG project, Relating existing language examinations to the common European reference levels of language proficiency: promoting quality assurance in education and facilitating mobility was recognized as one of the resources that can be used to strengthen and improve the competences of Croatian language teachers. In the context of the above-mentioned, Module 1 Exploring ways to test mediation and pluricultural/plurilingual skills in the classroom was chosen as the most suitable tool to help us achieve given goals and outcomes. In a three-day workshop, the ECML consultants gave excellent guidance passing on both theoretical and practical knowledge to participants of this workshop, This will  facilitate the  use of the CEFR Companion Volume as a resource for an increased focus on mediation and on pluricultural/plurilingual skills, and to development of skills in order for them to satisfy assessment needs regarding competences and attitudes that help learners to develop skills to act as critical intercultural individuals and citizens.”

    Davor Černi, local organiser, 13 July 2021


ECML project website: RELANG – EU-ECML cooperation agreement 2020-2021 "Innovative methodologies and assessment in language learning"


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