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    Conference 2014-32
Workshop No 2/2014, 26-28 March 2014, Graz, Austria

“ECML publications for plurilingual and intercultural education in use” (PIU) within the framework of the ECML’s medium-term programme of activities 2012 - 2015

Dates: 26-28 March 2014
Participants: 1 delegate per member state, to be nominated by the national nominating authorities
Working languages: English and German, with simultaneous interpretation

Website project: //www.ecml.at/PIU
Deadline for nomination: 10 February 2014

Profile of participants

Participants should be policy-makers and expert decision-makers in language teaching education and occupy a leading position in implementing the training of language teachers.
Experience, competences required

Moreover, they should have an interest in foreign language teaching, innovating pedagogical practices with regard to plurilingualism and interculturalism, exchanging expertise with European colleagues, and they should also have a strong awareness of the linguistic demands of a multilingual European society. Ideally, they should speak or understand at least two languages.
Expected involvement/tasks

Before the workshop
Participate in the survey “European Centre for Modern Languages’ (ECML) project databank”
During the workshop
Report on investigations, design realistic implementation scenarios for the products, exchange of expertise.
After the workshop
Participate in follow-up activities (e.g. fill in a questionnaire, send reports on workshop and on concrete multiplying activities).