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Tools for project promotion

To facilitate the dissemination of project activities and results, the ECML offers special support:

01Consultancy for promotional activities:
Catherine Seewald

02Project websites:
technical support and consultancy by the ECML; contact: 
Michael Armstrong

03Powerpoint presentation on the ECML:
to put your project into the European context (available in English, French)

04Overview of projects carried out within the ECML programme 2016-2019
a two page document – useful for handouts (bilingual English and French)

05Publications download:
all ECML books (including materials on the European Language Portfolio, training kits etc.) are available free of charge online

06Electronic newsletter:
the European Language Gazette provides updates on projects and other ECML activities as well as on other sectors of the Council of Europe’s work on languages

07International events calendar:
promotion of events related to your project

08Services for large-scale / international events:
ECML publications and posters for display upon request to
Catherine Seewald

09ECML presentation and guided tour for groups:
usually requested by teachers of student groups as part of an excursion to Graz; contact:
Catherine Seewald

10Rental of ECML premises:
when the facilities are not being used for the Centre’s programme activities, they may be used by outside institutions/associations to host events corresponding to the Centre’s vocation.
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