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Managing regional workshops

A regional workshop is an event organised in one of the ECML's member states to disseminate – on a regional level – the results of a project, to contribute to the research and development process or to respond to specific interests of the member state in which it takes place and its neighbouring countries. Thus, a regional event aims to promote an exchange of ideas and co-operation between countries sharing interest in the theme of the workshop. The event is co-financed by the hosting institution and possibly by other partners.

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Duration: 2-3 days plus 1 day preparatory meeting

Venue: Host institution in an ECML member state

Interpretation is not provided by the ECML. It is therefore important to highlight one language as a common working language in the profile for participants.

Travel and subsistence is provided by the ECML for 4 team members acting as moderators of the event and a maximum of 6 invited participants from ECML member states.

Special feature of the event: The audience of the event is comprised of local participants invited by the local organiser (the number to be determined according to local conditions) and participants identified by the project team in the countries targeted for the event (a maximum of 6). This setup usually means that there is a majority of local participants who are familiar with the educational context in the host country and a minority - the 6 invited participants - with a different language and cultural background. To integrate the newcomers and to stimulate the local participants for this cross-border venture is one of the educational and intercultural challenges of the moderators.

There is no nomination procedure involved. Instead, the team establishes a list of participants based in different member states.

The ECML provides a fee of EUR 230 for a local organiser.

In addition to preparing, delivering and following up all issues relating to the content of the project the following overview lists essential tasks for managing this event.

Working documents for moderators - see below
ToDo's for coordinator/moderators

BEFORE THE EVENT, the coordinator/moderators...

  • send a list of participants to invite no later than 8 weeks prior to the event to Margit Huber;
  • send 4 weeks prior to the event to Margit Huber:
    • the programme of the event in the working language;
    • pre-event information/tasks for participants;
  • liaise with the local organiser concerning practical arrangements at the workshop venue;
  • liaise with the 6 invited participants concerning their contribution to the event;
  • liaise with the ECML's communication, documentation and resource centre (Catherine Seewald) concerning ECML publications sent to the venue to support the event.

DURING THE EVENT, the moderators ...

  • animate the event;
  • ensure completion of the ECML post event evaluation by all participants.

AFTER THE EVENT, the coordinator/moderators...

  • will receive the results of the questionnaire by the ECML to draw conclusions and to follow up possible issues in the meeting report;
  • draft a news item for the project website and forward it to the second working language documentalist and the web correspondent;
  • send the report of the event to the ECML (Margit Huber) within 3 weeks following the event.

ToDo's for the local organiser

BEFORE THE EVENT, the local organiser...

  • liaises with the moderators of the event;
  • invites local participants based on the profile for participants provided by the team;
  • provides practical information on suitable accommodation and on how to get to the venue to the moderators and to Margit Huber who will forward this information to the 6 invited participants.

AFTER THE EVENT, the local organiser...

  • sends the completed post event evaluation questionnaires and the participants' list within the 2 weeks following the event to Margit Huber.
ToDo's for the second working language documentalist (SeWoLaDo)


  •  translates the news item and gives it to the website correspondent. 
ToDo's for the website correspondent (WeCo)


  • puts the news item online in both project languages;
  • updates the website with materials and texts provided by the coordinator, the second working language documentalist and other team members.
ToDo's for the mediation link person

BEFORE THE EVENT, the mediation link person...

  • informs project partners and networks based in the country of the venue about the event;
  • promotes the event to other ECML projects and to a wider audience (e.g. announcing the event to relevant networks, webmasters, newsletter editors);
  • consults the website "Tools for project promotion" for more inspiration.

Complementary information:
An ECML staff member (ususally the Director or the Head of programmes) will participate in the preparatory meeting and the workshop. The programme of the event should foresee at the beginning of the event a presentation of the ECML representative on the work of the ECML.

To enhance the visibility of the ECML at the venue it is suggested to arrange for a small exhibition area where ECML posters and publications can be displayed. Catherine Seewald helps with the selection and sending of the materials.

Contact: Margit Huber and Catherine Seewald

Working documents

Regional workshop programme template 

List of participants template

Report form (including news item)

ECML post event evaluation questionnaire (participant) 

ECML templates and model presentations

Powerpoint template with programme logo

Word template with programme logo

Powerpoint presentation introducing the ECML

Powerpoint presentation introducing the ECML programme 2012-2015

Further information...