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Managing network meetings

A network meeting is a 2-day meeting of the project team in Graz together with active members of the project network. The objectives of such a meeting are  usually following up an aspect of an earlier workshop and coordinating targeted dissemination.

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Duration: 2 days plus 1 day preparatory meeting for the team; 1 day follow-up for the team (optional)


Venue: ECML, Graz

Interpretation is not provided by the ECML. It is therefore important to highlight one language as a common working language in the profile of participants.

Travel and subsistence is provided by the ECML for 4 team members and a maximum of 18 participants. 

There is no nomination procedure involved. Instead, the team establishes a list of participants based in different member states:

  • to ensure the involvement of a wide variety of countries no more than two participants should come from one country;
  • the cost of a maximum of two participants from non-ECML member states can be covered by the ECML.

In addition to preparing, delivering and following up all issues relating to the content of the project the following overview lists essential tasks related to managing this event.

ToDo's for coordinator

BEFORE THE EVENT, the coordinator ...

  • sends a list of participants to invite no later than 8 weeks prior to the event to Erika Komon;
  • sends the agenda of the event 2 weeks prior to the event to Erika Komon;
  • reviews the project website to identify areas to be developed in the course or as a follow-up to the meeting;
  • reviews the bilingual project glossary for further elaboration during or as a follow-up to the meeting.

AFTER THE EVENT, the coordinator ...

  • will receive the results of the feedback questionnaire for participants to draw conclusions and to follow up possible issues in the meeting report;
  • together with the communications officer drafts a news item for the project website and forwards it to the second language documentalist and the web correspondent;
  • completes the report of the meeting within 2 weeks after the event and sends it to Erika Komon;
  • carries out follow-up work relating to the development of the website and the project glossary.
ToDo's for the second language documentalist

AFTER THE EVENT, the second language documentalist ...

  • translates the news item.
ToDo's for the website correspondent

AFTER THE EVENT, the website correspondent ...

  • informs the ECML where to place materials and texts provided by the coordinator, the second language documentalist and other team members on the project website.

Contact: Erika Komon 

Working documents

Programme template EN/FR, EN/DE

Report form (including news item)

Further information...

Example of an ECML post event evaluation questionnaire (participant)