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Using ECML resources to support plurilingual and intercultural education for democratic culture

The project aims to support member states with the implementation of Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2022)1 on the importance of plurilingual and intercultural education for democratic culture by developing procedures to evaluate and adapt relevant ECML resources to national contexts.

Useful links for project management

Annual planning and preparing meetings

Guidelines for texts published and disseminated by the ECML

Guide for gender-sensitive writing
Guidelines for authors of ECML publications

ECML training and consultancy for member states


ECML promotional materials 


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Project documentation


Consultant's annual report 2024

Annual report 2024

Annual plan 2024

Expert meeting, 21-22 March 2024
Network meeting, 18/19-20/21 November 2024
  • agenda
  • list of participants
  • post-event evaluation by participants
  • participants' reports to NNA/NCP
  • coordinator's report
  • Padlet


Consultant's annual report 2025

Annual report 2025

Annual plan 2025

Expert meeting, 2025
  • agenda
  • list of participants
  • report
Fellowship, 2025


Consultant's annual report 2026

Annual report 2026

Annual plan 2026

Workshop, 2026
  • agenda
  • nomination of participants
  • list of participants
  • evaluation by participants
  • impact evaluation by participants
  • participants´ reports to NNA/NCP
  • report 
  • Padlet
Expert meeting, 2026
  • agenda
  • list of participants
  • report