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ECML Conference 13-14 December 2023
Inspiring innovation in language education:
changing contexts, evolving competences

Images from the conference

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The conference represents the culmination of the four years of work of the ECML’s “Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences” programme, involving, among others, 9 projects, 1 think tank, 12 offers of training and consultancy and a series of initiatives developed with the support of the European Commission. 

Videos from day one

The central role of language education in supporting a culture of democracy
Matjaž Gruden, Director, Democratic Participation, Council of Europe

Highlights of the concluding programme 2020-2023
Sarah Breslin, Executive Director, ECML and Head of language policy, Council of Europe

Peter Wesely, ORF Consultant and founder of Sag’s Multi on the purpose of the competition followed by short videoclip with reactions from teachers and other educational stakeholders

“Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences” – new resources for language professionals
Susanna Slivensky, Deputy Director, ECML
Marisa Cavalli, ECML programme consultant
David Newby, ECML programme consultant

Looking to the future – Language education at the heart of democracy, the new ECML Programme 2024-2027 
Steinar Nybøle, Vice-Chair of the ECML Governing Board
Panel discussion on the future of language education within and beyond the ECML’s programme: addressing new challenges
Governing Board: Gunther Abuja, Lourdes Ballesteros Martín
National Nominating Authority: Mélanie Lizé
Professional Network Forum: Terry Lamb, Libor Štěpánek
European Commission: Anna Sole Mena

Closing with musical ensemble D.I.E.M. 

Videos from day two

Presentation of the publication: Rethinking language education after the experience of Covid
Bernd Rüschoff

Parallel session 1: Language teacher and learner competences

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Parallel session 2: Transversal dimension of language education/ Competences for life and work

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Parallel session 3: Plurilingual and intercultural education

Download presentation

Parallel session 4: Languages of schooling; language in subjects

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The videos of the Sag's Multi competition

Young voices from Austria’s Sag‘s Multi competition

A school in Vienna benefits from the Sag’s Multi competition

Top picture by Graz Tourismus - Markus Spenger