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    Language-sensitive teacher education
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    Recent development

Building blocks for planning language-sensitive teacher education

The purpose of the project is to develop resources in the form of building blocks for teacher educators and curriculum planners working with teachers of different languages and subjects. The building blocks include guidelines to help ensure that a focus on language-sensitive education is built into teacher education curricula and courses. The aim is to enable practising and future teachers to help their students to meet their language and communication needs.

Related resources

Recent developments

Taking account of language aims in learners’ curricula

How are language-related objectives described in curricula for learners? This Building block highlights the importance of taking account of these requirements in teacher education.

Workshop 2022 - voices from participants

In the following interviews, conducted by the project fellow Dana Antón Sobrecasas, the question “How is the language-sensitive approach implemented in your context?” was discussed during the workshop “Building Blocks for Planning language-sensitive teaching education”, held at the European Centre for Modern Languages on the 14th and 15th of February in Graz, Austria.


Marina Pappa - Greece

Professor at the Ionian University and course coordinator at the Hellenic Open University.


Tatjana Glusac - Serbia

Professor at the Department of English, Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr. Lazar Vrkatić in Novi Sad, Serbia.


An De Moor - Belgium

Language Policy advisor at the Flemish government's Education Department and Language Policy Coordinator of Bachelor's programmes at Odisee and Master's programmes at the Catholic University, Leuven.


Aleksandra Ljalikova - Estonia

Associate Professor of Language Teacher Education (French) at Tallinn University and head of the Association of Teachers of French in Estonia.


Andrea Fischer - Hungary

Head of Methodology in Teacher Training in the Teacher Training Center & Institute of English at Károli University, Budapest.


Mariana Karatsiori - Greece

ECML Associate partner - University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki