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    Building blocks for planning language-sensitive teacher education
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Building blocks for planning language-sensitive teacher education

The purpose of the project is to develop resources in the form of building blocks for teacher educators and curriculum planners working with teachers of different languages and subjects. The building blocks include guidelines to help ensure that a focus on language-sensitive education is built into teacher education curricula and courses. The aim is to enable practising and future teachers to help their students to meet their language and communication needs.

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Recent developments

Defining language-sensitive education

How can language-sensitive education be defined, and what does the concept imply for the day-to-day work of teachers, irrespective of their subject?

Defining teacher competence profiles for language sensitivity

What competences related to language-sensitive education are needed by teachers of all languages and of other subjects?

Considering the aims in school curricula

How are language-related objectives described in curricula for learners? This Building Block highlights the importance of taking account of these requirements in teacher education.

Strengthening language sensitivity in teacher education modules

Within pre- and in-service teacher education programmes, how and where can teacher educators build components that focus on language-sensitivity into their existing courses / modules?

Making teaching practice and observation more language-sensitive

How can attention to language-sensitivity be strengthened in lesson observation assignments and teaching practice?

Building language sensitivity into teacher education curricula

How can curriculum designers and teacher educators strengthen the focus on language-sensitive teaching in their curricula for pre- and in-service teacher education?