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Using ECML resources in different contexts
Guidelines and practical examples

What is the purpose of the tool? 

Projects can very rarely be used in different contexts without some adaptation. The purpose of this tool is to provide examples from a wide range of ECML projects of how they have been adapted for use in different ways. The examples consist of case studies, short videos, written reports and other media. They are offered to inspire you and to help you to reflect on your own particular context. You can gain such inspiration from any project, even if it is not one that you plan to use. Looking at different projects can offer a rich source of examples to support your own planning in your context.

How do I use the tool? 

At the top of the tool, you will find 7 frequently asked questions. These cover areas that you are likely to need to reflect on in order to implement a particular project in your own context. They include ways of selecting and adapting relevant parts of a project in order to address particular development priorities, to implementing and evaluating the impact of a project. There are also examples of how challenges have been addressed in different contexts and how its use has been encouraged more widely. By clicking on any question, you will find examples from different projects. These have been organised in sub-headings to help you to identify the most relevant examples. Please remember that you are not looking just for examples from the project that you plan to use in your context. You will find a wide range of ideas and inspiration by looking at the ways in which other projects have been mediated. 

Can this tool help me to identify suitable projects to support our national or local priorities? 

You may already have some idea of the ECML project(s) that you consider to be useful to help you to meet the priorities in your professional context. In addition to the examples presented on this website the ECML thematic portals may help to identify ECML projects relevant for your national or local developments.