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    Inventory of ICT tools

Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Welcome to the inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning developed by the ICT-REV project! The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with specific criteria in mind. Read more
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Principal function(s): Course management Virtual pinboard

ClassDojo is a mobile app that aggregates tools for teaching and managing classrooms. You can, for instance, remind students about their tasks, display the schedule for the day, play background music, arrange groups and even measure the noise in the classroom and incentivize self-management. You can create private groups for each class and communicate with students through these groups and each student can show their work by sending pictures and any other message. There is also a function that allows teachers to contact guardians or parents privately or in a group. The app offers an instant translation of these messages in more than 30 languages.

Evaluation: ClassDojo delivers everything it claims to offer and the company is concerned about user’s privacy. The interface is intuitive and the app can be used in different languages. Unfortunately, it seems to target exclusively early age education, since adolescents might not feel comfortable using an app with colorful funny characters and having their guardians/parents so easily in touch with their teachers.

Cost: Free. With registration.

Website: https://www.classdojo.com/



Type Of Interaction

  • Group/pair work - classmates
  • Group/pair work - outsiders
  • Presenting (e.g. lecturing, storytelling)



  • You supply


Interface User-friendliness/complexity of the tool´s interface


Time efficiency Time needed for mastering the „how-to“ of the tool and a production of a task


Interface language(s) The number of languages in which the tool is currently available/adaptable to

English and other languages

Respect for privacy Does the tool require registration? Who can see my data? Can I remain anonymous?

High – The company claims that no personal data is sold to third companies and that information about students is erased if there is no activity in the account after 12 months. They claim to comply with U.S. regulations for users under 13 years of age (the “Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule” - CORPA)

Saving work for future use Possiblity to save your or others´ work for reuse/reproduction


Tailorability (If so, how?) Possibility of the tool to be used for a range of different activities (e.g. to what extent you can organize a project assignment with a central activity based on this tool)

Teachers can create and adapt content for each class and the variety of functions of the app allows flexibility.





Technical requirements

Installation required?


Compatibility/ Operating System

Android, iOS

Other technical requirements

This tool was developed within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission

Latest addition

Write & Improve (Tool to improve your writing in English)

Write & Improve is a free online tool developed by the University of Cambridge to help English language learners improve their writing skills. Students choose their level and then receive a selection of writing tasks that match that level. Once the task has been submitted, the tool automatically assigns an appropriate grade and also gives feedback on the writing, which students can incorporate into the original text. Students can also create their own writing assignments.... View details

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Principal function(s)
Audio record/ edit/ share
Citation manager
Course management
Story creation
File sharing/syncing
Game app
Graphic organizer
Image sharing
Marking software
Mind mapping
News aggregator
Note taking
Podcast aggregator
Poster creator
Question/answer management
Quiz maker
Screen capture
Slide presenting
Social networking
Timeline Creator
Translation tool
Url shortener
Video Conferencing
Video record/ edit/ share
Virtual pinboard
Virtual worlds
Crossword puzzle creator
Website creator
Word cloud creator
Type Of Interaction
Group/pair work - classmates
Group/pair work - outsiders
Individual work
Presenting (e.g. lecturing, storytelling)


You supply
Website/other users supply


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