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Add an ICT tool or open educational resource

Please note the following when recommending a tool:

  • Proposed tools must be freely available or have a free version that may be used by teachers and learners. 
  • Users are encouraged to fill in as much information as possible on the "Basic information" and other tabs. 
  • Fields marked with * are obligatory. 
  • After submitting your proposal, it will be sent to the ECML for approval and quality assurance prior to publication.

Thank you for your contribution!

A very brief statement indicating the type of tool (max. 10 words). This will appear next to the name of the tool on the homepage of the inventory.
A longer description outlining the basic features of the tool.
Could you describe a learning task you have done or are thinking of doing with your students?
Please add only the youtube video code, e.g. jzf35jkhzf. You will find it in the URL.
An educationally (pedagogically and didactically) oriented assessment of the tool

Technological Criteria

Need for installation of the tool
Operating systems which support the tool
Other IT devices required for a successful work with the tool


User-friendliness/complexity of the tool´s interface
Time needed for mastering the „how-to“ of the tool and a production of a task
The number of languages in which the tool is currently available/adaptable to
Does the tool require registration? Who can see my data? Can I remain anonymous?
Possiblity to save your or others´ work for reuse/reproduction
Possibility of the tool to be used for a range of different activities (e.g. to what extent you can organize a project assignment with a central activity based on this tool)


Principal function(s)

Type Of Interaction

Best suited for working with people from your class
Do you neccessarily engage with other, unkown people
Can user be self-sufficient in the learning process?


The tool facilitates enhancement of listening skills
The tool facilitates enhancement of speaking skills
The tool facilitates enhancement of reading skills
The tool facilitates enhancement of writing skills
The tool facilitates acquisition of vocabulary
The tool facilitates enhancement of grammar skills
The tool facilitates enhancement of pronunciation

Primary user

The tool will be primarily used by the teacher
The tool will be primarily used by the student


User (predominantly) supplies the content
Content is supplied (predominantly) by the website and/or other users