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    Training teachers to use the ELP

Training teachers to use the ELP

The website contains a wide range of information on how to use the European Language Portfolio. ELP experts involved in ECML activities collected practical materials such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, posters, worksheets as well as links, references and FAQs. Information on developments of European countries is provided as well as materials in national languages. The aim is to promote the pedagogical benefits of the ELP and to facilitate its use in practice. The site also brings together the results of several major European ELP implementation projects on one single platform.
Together with the website developed by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe, which focuses on how to develop an ELP and on providing a service for registering new models, the ‘Using the ELP’ site forms part of the Council of Europe portal for the European Language Portfolio.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers and learners working with the ELP
  • Teachers working as multipliers in networks and teacher educators
  • Decision-makers at ministry level and/or regional boards of education involved in language education policy, inspectors and heads of (language) schools
  • All other stakeholders, such as employers and parents

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Project team

Margarete Nezbeda (Coordinator)
Retired as a school teacher; freelance: Austrian Centre for Language Competence;
Various Teacher Training Colleges,

Heike Speitz
Telemark Educational Research

Martine Cécile Tchang-George
Independent Second Working Language Documentalist
Switzerland (different cantons) and France

Barbara Lesničar (web correspondent)
Senior Consultant for English

Ülle Türk (web correspondent)
Department of English, University of Tartu



These are the results from a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Empowering Language Professionals" programme 2008-2011.

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