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    Frank Heyworth
About us - Programme consultants 2012-2015

Frank Heyworth

Name                   Heyworth


First Name           Frank


Address for correspondence  E-mail

Special Adviser
EAQUALS (The European Association of Quality Language Services)
Website (of institution)
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
Member of Advisory Board, Cambridge ESOL www.cambridgeesol.org
British Council Innovations Award www.britishcouncil.org
Major collaborative work / projects /accomplishments in European context
Coordinator or team member on several ECML projects, Participation in the development of the User Guide to the Common European Framework,Member of the scientific committee of the ELOS project for European Citizenship in schools - www.elos.europeesplatform.nl, Participation in the development of the EAQUALS scheme for quality assurance in language education in Europe
Main areas of research/expertise
Development of quality assurance in language education,Development of project management in language education,Research into competences for citizenship,Development of approaches to teacher education
Main publications
- The CEFR and quality assurance - in the User Guide to the CEFR (Council of Europe 2000)
- A Guide to Project Management (Council of Europe 2002)
- Innovative Approaches to the Organisation and Set up of Language Education (Council of Europe 2003)
- Facing the Future - Language Educators Across Europe (with Dupuis, Tinsley, Leban, Szesztay) (Council of Europe 2003)
- The Language of Discussion (Hodder & Stughton 1988)