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Evaluation and Assessment

Relating language examinations to
the Common European Framework of
Reference for languages (RELEX)

The ClassRelEx project aims at assisting teacher trainers at developing training materials enabling teachers to recognize, choose and prepare for classroom assessment that is related to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) elaborated by the Council of Europe. Responding to a growing need of the users of the CEFR, the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe has developed a set of procedures and tools to be used in order to establish links between language examinations and the Common Reference Levels of language proficiency in a reliable and responsible way. The objective of the project is to prepare training materials and to run a workshop with participants nominated by the member states of the ECML to train them in applying such procedures and using the supporting tools developed by the experts of the Council of Europe.

Project duration: 2010-2011
Project website in English / French