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    Inventory of ICT tools

Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Welcome to the Inventory of freely available online tools and OERs for language teaching and learning developed by the ICT REV project. The tools have been selected by and for language educators. There are different ways to search for tools and various examples below. You can also suggest a tool to be added to the Inventory. 

ClassroomScreen, an interactive display board with several widgets and tools

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Pitch, a tool to make collaborative presentations

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Mentimeter, a tool to create interactive presentations and assess students

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Genially, a creator of visual content such as presentations or infographics

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Padlet, a virtual collaboration canvas for content sharing

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Gather.Town, an interactive video-conferencing tool

Video conferencing

Description: Gather.Town is an interactive and customisable web-conferencing tool. It is different from other similar ones such as Zoom or Skype in that, instead of just showing the webcam of users, it also provides a virtual space or room. Within this virtual space, which can have many different forms -that of a classroom or an office, for example- each user has an online self, i.e. a customisable avatar representing themselves. Users can move around in this virtual space, see who is also there (in the form of an avatar) and interact with other users. This interaction can be in the form of a chat or a virtual meeting. All in all, Gather.Town replicates a gathering in the physical world by providing virtual rooms and avatars with a “retro” appearance, or with clear aesthetical similarities to that of 8-bit videogames of the 1980s. It offers a free limited version and does not require having an account for use, although logging in provides access to more features.

Evaluation: Gather.Town can be a valuable and engaging tool since it offers an interactive approach to web-conferencing and online teamwork. It is customisable and thus suitable for educators - in fact, Gather.Town has some pre-built virtual environments made specifically for classroom usage, such as pre-built classroom, campus, or lab settings. It also allows users to create their own spaces and add elements such as whiteboards or podiums to reproduce a classroom setting. Gather.Town can serve the purposes of collaboration, communication, education, and recreation. For learners, it can stimulate engagement and creativity by providing them with the opportunity to create virtual spaces and activities and collaborate with others on a web-conferencing platform with a gamified twist. Gather.Town has basic graphics that allow functioning across several operating systems with minimal lag. We recommend having a look at Carleton University’s article on Gather.Town.

Cost: Free for up to 10 users in the same space + paid options available.

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