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    Publications du CELV

Publications du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV. Les publications peuvent être téléchargées gratuitement, en format pdf, sur la page de chacune des publications à la rubrique « Détails ».
QualiTraining – A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
Frank Heyworth, Gayla Mateva, Laura Muresan, Mary Rose

Quality assurance is no longer solely the realm of institutional top management. It is
increasingly important that all the participants in the educational process understand their role within the system and contribute to enhancing the quality of educational processes and learning outcomes. "Quality culture" is at the core of this multi-dimensional, integrative approach, so as to inspire participants at all levels in an educational process.

The publication includes materials and instruments, which can be transferred or adapted to concrete situations in e.g. teacher development, quality assurance training, project management and evaluation. The case studies and activities suggested invite readers to find out what works best in their own educational environment and to develop relevant, innovative solutions to needs identified. Contexts of application range from primary and secondary education, to university language departments interested in enhancing the coherence between language teaching, learning and (self-)assessment, or networks of language organisations and professionals.

• The user-friendly, non-prescriptive approach to improving quality in education, linking theory to practice, and involving different categories of stakeholders
• The variety of materials and activities for self-reflection and group discussion, providing a framework for the sharing of best practice
• Real-life success stories from a range of sources and countries to illustrate "quality
in action"

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