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ECML publications

This section contains all publications produced to date by the ECML. The publications can  be downloaded free of charge in pdf format from the 'details' page of each publication.
Bergen 'Can Do' project
Angela Hasselgreen



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This book presents an account of the work of the Bergen 'Can Do ' project, which grew from a local project in a Norwegian county to a Nordic-Baltic one, as part of the ECML 's medium-term programme of activities,2000-2003.The aim of the project was to adapt and supplement the 'typical ' components of a European Language Portfolio (ELP), developing material which would reflect the world of secondary school learners,building on what they tell us they can and do 'do ' in their foreign and second languages. The extensive research carried out in the various phases of the project is reported, and the development of material is presented step by step.This material is never regarded as finished; pupils ' language habits change and we will always need to keep up with them.The procedures presented here can be replicated,and the material further adapted. Participants ' perspectives are also offered,with classroom experience from teachers directly involved in the work. The material itself,for both pupils and their teachers,together with a range of surveying material used as the basis for the research, is available in its entirely on the accompanying CD-Rom. The book and material should be of interest to those thinking of introducing an ELP in schools,or simply in need of material for the ongoing classroom assessment of their language learners.
See also Bergen 'Can Do' website

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