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This section contains all publications produced to date by the ECML. The publications can  be downloaded free of charge in pdf format from the 'details' page of each publication.
Content design and methodology of seminars, workshops and congresses
Alex Drougas, Gerard Westhoff

English, French


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How can the efficiency of conferences and congresses be ensured in terms of content and methodology? The aim of this handbook is to formulate a methodology of conference organisation and, more specifically, to formulate principles for the effectiveness and appropriateness of organisational formats, such as round tables, workshops, presentations, etc. in relation to the purpose they should serve and to the conditions under which they are to be performed. The organisation of conferences and workshops are core functions for the European Centre for Modern Languages. 'Content design and methodology of seminars, workshops and congresses' represents the outcome of two ECML workshops, and has been edited specifically for a wider readership not necessarily directly involved with the Centre. It provides excellent practical guidelines both for those already involved in the content aspects of conference organisation or those who are starting out. The principles outlined in the handbook, although drawing upon experiences from the world of language teaching, can be equally well applied to a wide range of areas

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