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“Russian is not “verboten” but it is not allowed”

by Matilde Grünhage Monetti

Plurilingual education

 What sounds like a paradox is the consideration of a Russian-speaking worker in an electrical plant in Germany on the tacit attitude of management and German co-workers to the use of languages other than German on the shop floor of the company where he is employed as a skilled worker; a typical case or an exception? Read more 

17 March 2014/Author: Anonym/Number of views (34000)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

The cost of a lack of language skills

by Isabelle Ortiz

Plurilingual education

According to the Guardian, the lack of language skills costs the UK £48bn per year.

For companies willing to trade internationally, “English only” is not enough and the difficulty to find skilled staff results in a loss of contracts, in recruiting locally seconded expats and more generally in difficulties to operate globally. Read more


27 February 2014/Author: Anonym/Number of views (29887)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 2.3

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